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Camiones De Bombero Heather Miller

Camiones De Bombero

Heather Miller

Published April 1st 2003
ISBN : 9781403409201
24 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

My background in education helped me understand how powerful books are as teaching tools. A book can teach a concept in a way that is different from anything else. When given a good book, young readers are engaged and entertained while learning at the same time. In many ways I’m still teaching when I write- it’s just in a different form.Because I am a teacher and because I have children of my own, I am always looking at the world through curious eyes. When something particularly amazing or peculiar grabs my attention I start thinking about how I could present the information in an interesting way through the platform of a book. Once an idea comes to me, I usually jump into it right away. I tend to write quickly but then have to force myself to let the piece sit and simmer. By giving myself this time, I can get some distance from the initial surge of energy that made me start the book. After that I can go back to it with a more critical, editorial point of view. It is during this stage that the book really comes together and gets fine-tuned.