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Dark Moon Renate Chapman

Dark Moon

Renate Chapman

Published December 1983
ISBN : 9789993441083
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Gifted young artist Ramona Martin was thrilled when she was hired to do some work for Elena Delmar, a glamorous ex-movie actress. But Ramonas world soon became as unreal as the unicorns she was stenciling on the foyer walls of Elenas mansion. For the girl was under the spell of Miles Ramsey, Elenas enigmatic nephew, who seemed much too charming to be sincere. Also, the young artist worried about Elena, who was terrified of eclipses and mystical intruders that no one else saw. For the first time ever, Ramona herself could not tell fact from fantasy?and her confusion could mean the difference between future joy and misery, even between life and death.