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More Water into Wine Helen   Brown

More Water into Wine

Helen Brown

158 pages
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 About the Book 

FIVE STARHow often do we feel unable to fathom life and all the problems we face?The author, Helen Brown reminisces over her own perplexing events with wonderful insight and shares how she has been able to recognise Gods hand at work in the midst of trouble.These are some of the ways I have been touched by Helens experiences, which I might add, often reflects our own.1. We need to keep our eyes on God and not our situation. He will bring us through.2. To stop looking at what we perceive as signs of doom, e.g. a fine starry night- all is well. OR..Stormy days, something bad is about to happen.Our feelings can deceive us, and God promises to never leave nor forsake us.3. Not to love for the wrong reasons..PLUS MUCH MORE...Helen sees past the issues before her, as we all must learn to do, and hopefully will after reading the valuable lessons described here.Her reflections are wise and they are pure. God has given Helen a wonderful gift which she openly shares with all who read this book..Its not the circumstances you face in every day life that matter, but how you see and handle them that counts.