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Nursing Mothers Companion Kathleen Huggins

Nursing Mothers Companion

Kathleen Huggins

Published March 10th 1995
ISBN : 9781558320260
220 pages
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 About the Book 

First youll use this book when youre pregnant, to gain some breastfeeding confidence and reinforce the basics.Then hopefully youll bring it with you to the hospital, where you and your partner will use it to try out different holds for the baby to get off to a good start with nursing, and to gain some reassurance that it wont always be so painful.Then youll take it home with your baby and consult it roughly 8,000 times a day for the first nerve-wracking, sleep-deprived couple of weeks - again, just trying to keep your head above water because you know that breastfeeding is truly the best thing for you and your baby.Then you might go back to work, and youll consult this book to get some tips about how to deal with that.Then youll get sick and wonder whether or not you can take those over-the-counter drugs, so youll look in the appendix over and over to see which meds are safe to take.Then youll get to that 4 month stage where the baby wont sit still long enough and nurse for 3 or 4 minutes tops, and youll be convinced he/she is starving.Then the baby will turn 5 months, and his need to feed will go into overdrive. Again, you will consult the book.Over and over, this book will be a lifesaver/bible/reference for you if you really want to breastfeed your baby. I highly recommend it and Im still reading it, and I will be for another couple months, at least.