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Devenir Adulte Susan Meredith

Devenir Adulte

Susan Meredith

Published 2006
ISBN : 9782762524857
56 pages
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 About the Book 

Got this at the library for my 10.5-year old so she can be aware of changes that will be happening any time now. The book is updated (2004)from the 1985 version listed here on goodreads. The book is very straightforward and comprehensive. It includes male/female changes due to puberty and I like that it included health topics: importance of taking showers, eating well, avoiding drugs, smoking, alcohol, etc. I did tape several pages together that talked about contraceptives, etc. that she wont need to know about for some time and told her she could read them, but not now so as not to be more than she needs to know. I was there for Q&A once she was done with the book and reiterated that we are always willing to answer her questions. Very good choice of books to help explain changes that will occur during puberty. I think it was a less embarrassing way of approaching certain topics than just talking to mom & dad and probably quite a bit more comprehensive than we wouldve been. The book does seem more geared toward girls but we did let her read the pages about the changes in boys as well. After she read the book and at the end of our discussion she thanked me for helping her learn more about the subject. Highly recommend for 4th-6th graders, with the strong advice to read it through yourself first so as parents you can decide how much you want your kids to know. Its possible Id get a book with fewer pictures for our son--but I have a couple more years for that!