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Venârivè: Northwestern Lythia Jeremy Baker

Venârivè: Northwestern Lythia

Jeremy Baker

Published 2010
243 pages
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 About the Book 

Venârivè is the expansive region of northwestern Lythia, where – for thousands of years – peoples, religions, and nations have developed, traded, and clashed. It includes all the lands around the Venârian Sea and the regions which lie to the north and west, including the powerful empires of Ázeryàn and Dalkésh, the kingdoms of Tríerzòn and Shôrkynè, and the lesser states of Hârn and Iváe.This publication provides background information on the diverse cultures, religions, and realms of the region, complemented by maps and images that illustrate its history, climate, weather, trade routes, and much more. It also includes a geopolitical index describing all the places noted on the accompanying multi-layered map.This is the essential guide for those looking to fully understand and explore the world of Hârn.